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Lone Ranger shows on You Tube

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In case you didn't know it, you can watch complete episodes of The Lone Ranger

on sites like You Tube.  Search for more.  

80th Anniversary Collection correction

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The episode "Outlaws In Greasepaint" is included on one of the discs that

I received for review.  That one, along with several other color episodes are

featured in the collection.  Just watched it and remembered the comments

Clayton Moore made in his book "I Was That Masked Man" that he knew the

series was coming to an end.  Wonder how he felt filming that episode after

so many years of playing The Lone Ranger.  

80th Anniversary Collection

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I just recently had the opportunity to review some new DVD releases of The LoneRanger TV show from Dreamworks Classics


The single DVD's are well packaged inside a plastic case, housed in a cardboard sleeve with, what appears to be, original artwork depicting Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels as The Lone Ranger and Tonto.


The DVD's I saw are entitled Kemo Sabe, Who Was That Masked Man and Hi-Yo Silver.

Each DVD contains 8 episodes from a variety of seasons.  They are primarily episodes after the first two seasons and include both black and white and color episodes.

The picture and sound quality is good and they all played fine on my DVD player. You can choose the Play All option or select different episodes. There are even a few episodes with John Hart as The Lone Ranger.


I've also reviewed a few sample discs from the 80th Anniversary Collection. This is advertised as including every episode from all seasons of the show. My samples featured episodes I had already seen from the 75th Anniversary Collection. There's also a Bonus DVD with the "Peace Patrol" episode from "Lassie" with Clayton Moore making an appearance at the end of the show to congratulate Timmy Martin (Jon Provost) on his success selling the Peace Patrol stamps and helping to catch the thief who stole the money box. Clayton does a great job of twirling his guns and talking to the boys and girls about the importance of the savings stamps program.


The bonus DVD also features a color episode from the animated Lone Ranger TV series.

Again, the color and sound were fine.


An episode of the Lone Ranger radio show is also included on the bonus DVD.


If there is indeed all episodes from all seasons of the show, this would be a very worthwhile addition for any Lone Ranger collector. I already have the 75th Anniversary set, so I have the first two seasons and, separately, have several episodes from the years the show was filmed in color. I would have liked to have seen "Outlaws In Greasepaint" the final episode of the TV series. Not having an episode list from the 80th Anniversary Collection, I can't say for sure that it's on there but, if, as advertised, all episodes are on the 80th Anniversary Collection, it should be part of it.


This would appear to be the first time all the episodes have been made available. There are plenty of DVD's out there with the public domain episodes. Some are better quality than others.


The DVD's I've reviewed played well, were not "sped up" for time compression and had good picture and sound quality. For the variety of episodes that you get on each one, it looks like a good deal.

The Collector’s Edition is now available for $199.99. The Single DVD’s are $6.99. You can order at

Thanks to Harrison Raboy from Morris-King for the opportunity to view several episodes I had not seen in many years.

With the release of the Disney Lone Ranger movie, there's bound to be more interest in the masked man and these new DVD's should satisfy anyone wanting to see the original version.

Now you can hear the whole interview

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I have finally uploaded the complete unedited interview with Clayton Moore.

Remember, this was at the time he was forced to take off the mask, as the new Lone Ranger movie starring Klinton Spilsbury was coming out.

His book "I Was That Masked Man" had not been published yet and Clayton was reluctant to reveal too much. 

We do hear him say, in his own words, why he left the show after a couple of years to be replaced by John Hart. 

Lone Ranger items at auction

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We received this notice from The Lone Ranger Fanclub:

One of the masks and a pair of gloves worn by Clayton Moore and Tonto’s headband worn by Jay Silverheels in the movie “The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold” will soon be going up for auction.

“They are actual ones worn by actors in the film The Lost City of Gold in 1958. They are going to auction at Biddle and Webb in Birmingham, UK on March 19. I’m hoping to make three to four thousand pounds,” said Matthew Martin, who owns the items.

The three treasures were given away as part of a contest in 1958. Included with them are newspaper clippings and shipping labels to help prove authenticity.

We don’t know if you can bid online but the number for the auction house, Biddle and Webb, is 0121 455 8042 and Website is


Lone Ranger 75th Anniversary DVD collection

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I had been thinking about getting this for some time and finally decided to go ahead and order it.  I'm glad I did.  Not only do you get all the episodes from the first two seasons, there's also a bonus disc and several booklets related to The Lone Ranger and Clayton Moore. 

So now I have the first two seasons and portions of the last season in my collection.  Just need to fill in with the rest.  Hopefully, they'll release the other seasons as well. 

Clayton Moore audio

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I have had questions about the rest of the Clayton Moore audio from the interview.  I do still have it and will be working on adding it here as soon as I can.  It was a great thrill for me to be able to interview Clayton and we can all still hear his voice.

Lone Ranger links

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As part of the move to this new site, I've been in contact with Joe at The Lone Ranger Fanclub Site and Steve at his Clayton Moore site.  Both have added links to this new site for me, and I've got links to both of their sites.  Thanks guys.

This new site

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November 1, 2009

Well here it is!  After learning that Yahoo would be closing down its GeoCities hosting service in October, I had been wondering what to do with my Lone Ranger site.

Lucky I found  It's also a free hosting service and its easy to set up a new site.

Fortunately for me, I had been moving all my old Lone Ranger pictures and information because it is now not available. 


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