Clayton Moore

He Was That Masked Man

The Clayton Moore Story

Jack Carlton Moore grew up in Chicago and was a circus acrobat before becoming a model in New York and eventually moving to Hollywood.  Changing his name to Clayton Moore, he starred in a variety of movies and serials sometimes playing the good guy and sometimes the bad guy.

In early 1949, Clayton had just finished a serial for Republic Pictures called "Ghost of Zorro" when he got the call to audition for the role of a new TV Lone Ranger.  Winning that role would change his life forever.
Beginning later that year, he would play the part of The Lone Ranger for all but 52 episodes until the series ended in the late 1950's  Then, he would put the mask back on and ride Silver in two major motion pictures, "The Lone Ranger" and then "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold."

When the series ended, Clayton spent the next several years appearing as The Lone Ranger in TV commercials and at personal appearances.  He would be forced to take off the mask when a new Lone Ranger movie was about to be released.  Wearing a large pair of wrap around sunglasses, Clayton continued to make appearances.  After the movie flopped at the box office, he was granted permission to put the mask back on.

Clayton Moore died in December, 1999.

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