Clayton Moore

He Was That Masked Man

The Clayton Moore Interview

February 21, 1979 was a special day for me. That was the day that I would have the opportunity to interview Clayton Moore live on-the-air. That week was "National Nostalgia Week." So I thought about having something to do with The Lone Ranger on the air, since it certainly fit in with the theme. A few weeks prior to that, I somehow got Clayton's address and sent him a letter asking if he would be interested in doing an interview. I got a letter back from him, along with his home phone number, to make the arrangements. A few days later, I called him at home and we discussed what we would, and would not, talk about. He asked that we not bring up religion, politics or his personal life. "Just stick to my career and my role as The Lone Ranger" he requested. When I called him at home, his wife actually answered the phone and I told her who I was and asked to speak to him. I could hear her calling him. Turns out he had been in the garage working on his car! The big night came, I called him and here's how the interview went: Clayton Moore interview 1.mp3

 Hear the complete interview by clicking the audio player above.  This is part 1. Clayton Moore interview 2.mp3

This is part 2 of the complete interview.

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